• Ballast and sand
  • Construction materials
  • Fresh concrete
  • Special concrete elements
  • Special orders


  • Transportation of oversized loads
  • Transportation of baluster and sand
  • Cement transportation
  • Fresh concrete shipping


As far as internal and external sorting works are concerned, the company undertakes, at the request of its customers, the following: afterwork, plastering, insulation, fireplaces, fences, sidewalks, septic tanks, gates and metal doors, etc. "The community sees us as a valuable and trustworthy partner for more than 19 years."

Our reference works

Concrete, stone & pavement from the professionals

TARR BETON is one of the biggest reference producers and suppliers from the Satu Mare county and the neighbouring counties. With a modern management, a professional team, modern technologies and equipment, TARR BETON has come into prominence on the challenging market through its products and services, thus becoming a leader among the regional producers of building materials.

With a 20-year experience in the field, the TARR BETON group has continuously developed and improved its full service range according to the customers’ requirements, to the market evolution, but also to the norms and regulations imposed in the field.

The business group has the following business activities: from the gravel extraction to the fresh concrete manufacturing, industrial and civil building construction, manufacturing of various precast concrete elements (pavements, foundation blocks, masonry blocks, beams and other platform elements, different sized pylons for concrete plate fences, border stones, concrete tubes, plates for fences).

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